Pick-up at Three Stone Hearth

How Pick-up Works:

1. Return your CLEAN jars and count them.

Please sort your jars by size, but we don’t need to know how many of each size you are returning.  Please just count all jars and kombucha bottles as one number, and Claravale milk and cream bottles as a separate number.

2. Get your paperwork

On Wednesday nights and Thursdays, proceed to the back “Order Pick-up” area for your paperwork and order fulfillment.  There will be someone waiting at the table to pull two copies of your order.  Please give us the last name of the person on the account so that we can find the right paperwork.

3. Tell us how many jars and milk bottles you are returning.

Now you can tell us the two numbers, ie. 4 glass and 1 milk bottle.  We will write “4G 1M” on both copies of your paperwork.  This is how we will be able to know how many credits to put on your account.

4. Get your order

We will pull your order for you, either into a bag or box or cooler that you bring with you, or into a container we have on hand.  Please double-check your order!

5. Shop for more items if you want to.

We try to make extra of the items on the menu, so if you want to add on you are welcome to.  Please see one of the cashiers to purchase your items, and give them your paperwork first so they can give you your glass credits.

6. Leave a copy of your paperwork.

If you don’t want to shop for more items, please just leave a copy of your paperwork in the “Express Drop-off Box” on your way out.

Cluster Pick-up

Cluster pick-ups are pre-arranged with other people who live in your area or neighborhood.  Generally, one member of the cluster picks up each week, and members take turns picking up.  If you are interested in joining or forming a cluster where you live, please email us.