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 Economic Essentials for Transition, with Marco Vangelisti

At Three Stone Hearth, we firmly believe that money matters, and that in order to move our society towards sustainability, we need to understand more about how the worlds of finance and banking affect our every day realities. We encourage you to check out this talk and become more knowledgeable about economic issues!   

Inspired by the Transition Movement, Economic Essentials  for Transition explores economic alternatives that support the community resilience effort to deal with the challenges of global warming and peak oil.

Tickets are $18.

Marco Vangelisti

Understanding the Financial System,

In the last class of the series Marco Vangelisti looks at how investments and flow of capital impact our economic system creating an increasing disparity in wealth and power. Financial capital has transformed over time from an instrument to facilitate economic production to a tool for capital growth via trade which is increasingly divorced from productive economic activities. We will look at ways communities around the country are attempting to relocalize and democratize investments and capital formation.

Thursday, May 30 6:30-8pm

Marco Vangelisti, founder of Essential Knowledge for Transition and founding member of the Public Banking Institute, is a leader in Slow Money Northern California.  Sign up for Marco’s lectures on our Classes, Tours, and Outreach Menu.