South River Miso

The production room at South River Miso

Christian and Gaella Elwell have been producing traditionally prepared miso since 1981.  Their business is based at South River Farm in Conway, Massachusetts, which is home to a horse-driven CSA farm, a rice paddy, and a traditional miso shop. This shop contains a large masonry stove and a wood-fired cauldron where they steam the grains and boil the beans for their line of live-culture, artisanal miso pastes. The Elwells approach their work with a deeply spiritual sensitivity and deep appreciation for the ecology of their place.  They grow many of the ingredients they use in their misos, and lately Christian has been talking to his seeds before he plants them, seeing plants as co-creators with humans of the foods we need to live.  Inspired by the macrobiotic movement in the 1970s, the Elwells started this business as a way to live sustainably and meaningfully off the land.  The Three Stone Hearth community is very lucky to enjoy the products of three decades of their mindful attention!  A little South River Miso stirred into TSH broth makes a wonderful cup of soup that is just the medicine for this time of year.

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