Menu For The Week Of 8-31-16

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Reezy Peezy
This week we celebrate the heritage foods of America’s 
Southeast. “Reezy Peezy” (lovely Carolina rice grits 
served with stewed Sea Island Red Peas) is a Gullah 
tradition, usually accompanied by Green Tomato 
Chow Chow (ours comes from a Missouri family recipe). 
Bake off some cornbread using our Nixtamalized 
Cornbread Batter to go with it! 

This Week’s Menu

-Chicken Chili Soup (mild)*
-Ginger Orange Beef Soup with Mung Bean Threads
-Melon Gazpacho*
-Tex-Mex Ground Beef*
-Chicken Liver Pâté

-Mediterranean Pie with Rice, Feta and Olives

-Middle Eastern Salad in a Jar*
-Summer Corn and Coconut Broth
-Carolina Gold Rice Grits (Reezy)
-Stewed Sea Island Red Peas (Peezy)
-Nixtimalized Cornbread Batter
-Green Tomato Chow Chow*
-Basil Pesto*
-Lower Eastside Dill Pickles*
-Paleo Walnut Date Cake
-Hibiscus Gelatina with Coconut Cream
-Transit Bars*
-Plus Our Slow-Cooked Bone Broths:*
Chicken, Beef, Pork
*GAPS Diet-Friendly Dishes
Our Paleo Walnut Date Cake is as good as it sounds!
Featuring almond and coconut flours, pastured eggs, 
pureed Medjool dates and our housemade Crispy Walnuts, 
this cake is light and moist with an earthy sweetness.