Menu For The Week of 8/24/16

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This Week’s Menu

Our new gluten-free Chocolate Olive Oil Cake is light 
on the tongue , deep in flavor and full of nutrient-dense
ingredients. You’ll never look at chocolate cake the same again!
-Chicken Vegetable Soup*
-Pork Mole Verde with White Beans*
-Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Lemongrass and Ginger*
-Ground Beef Keema with Lentils (Dal Keema)*
-Dominican Beef and Plantain Casserole
-Confit of Gizzards and Hearts*
-Chicken Confit*
-Beef Patties with Rosemary and Garlic
-Turkish Red Pepper and Walnut Spread (Muhammara)
-Middle Eastern Salad in a Jar*
-Green Goddess Dressing
-Lower Eastside Dill Pickles*
-Ruby Queen Kraut
-Spicy Kimchi
-Hijiki Caviar
-Chocolate Olive Oil Cake
-Cardamom Scented Tapioca Pudding
-Granola with Almonds and Raisins
-Transit Bars*
-Plus Our Slow-Cooked Bone Broths:*
Chicken, Beef, Pork
*GAPS Diet-Friendly Dishes
Dominican Beef & Plantain Casserole
Sweet ripe plantains are sauteed with butter and 
coconut oil and whipped into a lovely top layer for our 
grassfed Dominican Beef and Plantain Pie.