Expanding Frozen Options

In addition to our usual freshly-prepared foods, we are now freezing some of our items and offering them on the menu. We find that most of our sauces, many of our Meaty Pints, and some of our desserts are freezing beautifully.

24-ounce Ball jar
Ball’s new 24-ounce freezer safe jar


Thanks to the recent availability of freezer-safe 24-ounce (one-and-a-half pint) Ball jars, we are now trying freezing some of our popular soups and stews! The fill-line in these new jars is at the 20-ounce mark, giving the stews plenty of room to expand up as they freeze without breaking the jar. (As many of you know, the usual 1-quart jars are prone to cracking when soups, stews, and broths are frozen in them, so we don’t recommend it.)


Look for the new “Frozen” section on our menu–it may be a great time to stock your freezer! And please do let us know how you like these additional offerings by emailing us at info@threestonehearth.com .