Menu For The Week Of 8/19/15

Summer 11 Menu Highlights

  • Peruvian Chicken and Rice
  • Summer Vegetable Beef Soup*
  • Sunny Cream of NO-Mato Soup*
  • Tex-Mex Ground Beef*
    No-Mato Soup
    No-Mato Soup – vegan, nightshade-free, and surprisingly comforting
  • Budín de Maíz (Mexican Corn Custard)
  • Chicken Liver Pâté*
  • Punjabi Eggplant*
  • Cultured Piimä Pancake Batter
  • Cauliflower Hummus (Paleo)*
  • Cacciatore Sauce with Mushrooms*
  • Green Apple and Parsley Vinaigrette*
  • Pesto with Chard, Spinach and Pepitos *
  • Peach-Strawberry Crumble
  • Peach-Strawberry Compote
  • Cardamom-Scented Tapioca Pudding
*GAPS Diet-friendly Recipes

Come Learn About Sea Vegetables!

Local Seaweeds: 

Ecology, Nutrition, and Collection  

Saturday, August 22nd, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm  

Local seaweeds afloat
We live in abundance here in Northern California, including a rich variety of seaweeds! Seaweeds have many uses including food, medicine, and fertilizer. Many of us struggle to get enough minerals as our soil has become depleted, and seaweeds have some of the highest mineral levels available.
Join Heidi Herrmann, owner of Strong Arm Farm, as she discusses the many seaweed varieties available regionally, including Nori, Wakame, Bladderwrack and Kombu. You may have already purchased some of the seaweeds Heidi has hand-harvested and packed in mason jars for us this year.
Come enjoy a Saturday morning at Three Stone Hearth while exploring our local bounty of seaweeds through Heidi’s illustrated presentation, and a discussion on how to identify, sustainably harvest, and utilize our coastal “sea vegetables.”
Heidi harvesting seaweed
Ecology, harvest cycle, and the health benefits of seaweed will also be discussed. Seaweeds Heidi has collected will be available for purchase after the class.
Heidi teaches Sustainable Agriculture at Santa Rosa Junior College.  She is an avid seaweed harvester, and collects by hand on the Sonoma Coast.

Kimber Simpkins Class

Make Peace with Your Body: 

How to Get it and Why it Matters

Saturday, August 29th, 12:00 – 2:00 pm


Author Kimber Simpkins went through her share of yo-yo dieting and battling self-image, until yoga and meditation helped her transform her hunger and her unhappy relationship with her body. Her

Kimber Simpkins
Kimber Simpkins

successful shift away from secret body hating to

public body loving has since inspired students and readers to cherish and listen to one’s own body and turn it from foe to friend.

Kimber Simpkins is a yoga instructor and the author of Full: How I Learned to Satisfy My Insatiable Hunger and Feed My Soul as well as the upcoming 52 Ways to Love Your Body (New Harbinger Publications Jan 2016).  To find out more about her work visit

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