Store Days

Come shop the store at our 1581 University Avenue Berkeley kitchen location whether or not you have a weekly order to pick up. During our order pick-up times : Wednesday 5 -7 pm, Thursday 10am – 4pm, and Saturday 9am-2pm, we have a physical store with many of the weekly menu offerings and a bounty of specially sourced retail items. Forgot to order an item online? Stop by the store and make a purchase. Missed the online ordering window this week? Come in and shop the store.

Porsche POS System
Cofounder Porsche Combash and the new POS system

We are implementing our new POS (Point-of-Sale) system so bring your wallet as we’ll need to collect cash, check, or swipe your credit card for store purchases. Any online order you do will still be automatically charged to the card on your account.

Some special details for our Saturday Store and Order Pick-up Days:

When: Saturdays 9am-2pm

What: Late Pick-up for orders & Store shopping and Hot Broth Bar!

Now you can order food to be picked up on Saturdays, shop the store, get a cup of nourishing broth from our broth bar, and check out our store specials. Skip the coffee and stay nourished while running your Saturday errands.

Hot Broth Bar: $4.00  Enjoy a cup of hot broth (Beef, Chicken, or Pork) while shopping in our store. Our Broth Bar includes an assortment of condiments: South River Misos, Red Boat Fish Sauce, Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos, fresh herbs, lemon, and Celtic Sea Salt.  Hot Broth to Go: $7.50 + tax includes a Mason Jar Mug with handle and 14 oz hot broth to go.

Important notes:

This will be for picking up food from the same menu as the Wednesday night/Thursday pick-up days. See our menu pick-up options when you place your order.

A few products will not be available for Saturday pick-up due to the perishability of these products:
  • Grindstone Bakery breads
  • Bread SRSLY breads

Morell’s Breads and The Living Apothecary Almond Milk will be available fresh for Saturday Pick-ups.