The Hands That Feed You: Jamie Busch

Jamie Busch lidding Pastured Chicken Liver Pate

Volunteer Jamie Busch lives in Nyack, New York with his wife and 2-year-old daughter. He spent the past week helping us out in the kitchen, and seeing the CSK model first hand.  A natural foods chef himself, Jamie first became interested in nutrition while still in high school. Doctors had prescribed him medications for hyperactivity, but Jamie didn’t like how he felt on the drugs.  He began researching food and healing, and became a vegetarian.  About 8 years later he was given a copy of Nourishing Traditions, and began making bone broth for himself and reintroducing meat to his diet.  He immediately noticed a difference in his health, and found that after years of tooth decay, his teeth got harder and cavities stopped growing.  He became fascinated with the alchemy of cooking and fermenting, and expanded his culinary explorations.  In January of this year he opened a small soup business called let’spoon. He read Full Moon Feast by worker/owner Jessica Prentice, and became inspired to explore the possibility of expanding his current operations along the lines of a CSK.  When not in the kitchen, Jamie works for a non-profit that serves people with disabilities, and also helps to maintain community gardens where he lives.  For some of his wonderful recipes, check out Jamie’s blog!

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