The Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative is a small coffee roasting company located in Emeryville, California. It grew out of a desire to bring to the market the finest Organic, Fair Trade Coffee in a work environment that respects the rights and dignity of all who work to produce it. The Ubuntu Coffee Cooperative roast their coffee ​beans and deliver them fresh to us each week for your order.


Fondo Paez was founded in 1992 to regain traditional agricultural knowledge and indigenous culture that has been threatened by centuries of conflict and oppression. Located in the Cauca Department of Colombia of the rural south-western highlands, coffee is grown by the Paez (also known as “Nasa” meaning “the people”) to produce a high-quality crop that allows their farmer members to be sustainable and independent. Flavors of chocolate and vanilla bean with a low acidity makes this coffee a well-rounded thoroughly enjoyable cup. Sourced certified organic, FLO fairtrade and SSP.

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