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Body Care

Fat and the Moon Earth Eye Coal

1 small tin (0.25 fl oz)

Here's an Earth Eye Coal when you going for natural and neutral, and subtle impact. Earth is a chocolatey, rich brown. Wear like the Earth God/dess you are! Because the Eye Coal is in pot form, the color can be rich and dense, something one sacrifices when eyeliner is in a stick and needs more wax to keep its shape. The sunflower oil base sinks into your skin, letting the pigment chill in place. Sunflower oil is one of my faves, light and smooth but rich at the same time. The beeswax gives the Eye Coal shape and staying power- and of course bee magic. The mineral oxide is the pigment and is not only beautiful but safe for the bod!

Product Ingredients: sunflower oil, brown oxide powder, white clay, arrowroot starch*, beeswax


Use within 6 months


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