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Good Faith Farm Raw Manzanilla Olives with Garlic and Oregano

1 pint jar

Good Faith Farm grows organic olives in Flournoy, CA, then cures them in the traditional way, with sea salt and no lye. The traditional lye-free, salt brine method preserves the fruit’s natural probiotic enzymes and showcases the subtle flavors of the olive.

These smaller and more firm olives taste are more bitter with one of our workers describing the flavor liked smoked meat. They are cold-cured for 6 to 18 months and infused with organic garlic & oregano grown by Good Faith Farm. The olives are never heat-processed or treated with chemical ripening agents or preservatives, as many olives are.

All the olives are from Northern California Old Groves and are grown and harvested by small family farmers.

Ingredients: cold cured Manzanilla olives, filtered water, oregano,* garlic,* olive oil,* sea salt (*= organic)

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