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Considerations on Coronavirus
By Sara Russell, Ph.D., FNTP

A lot of people have asked me to provide insight on the current coronavirus scare. This is an introduction with some of my main considerations.

Please note that while there are recommended supplements and herbs, you should always check with your physician before taking anything that could interact with any medication or affect a health condition you have. For example, if you have reduced or imbalanced immune function, have an autoimmune condition, or are taking immunosuppressant drugs (including steroids), you’ll need to check with your medical team, particularly before taking any potentially immunostimulatory herbs/supplements. The immune system is very complex, and there can be unexpected side effects when pushing the wrong pathways.

I really encourage you not to panic, because panic is bad for the immune system and the body’s repair processes. 

My preliminary suggestions are:

  • Choose balanced information over fear and panic

  • Wash your hands, practice good hygiene

  • Avoid unnecessary long-distance travel

  • Avoid unnecessary trips to hospitals, medical offices, and other places where sick people congregate

  • Stay home if you’re sick

  • Keep sick children home

  • Eat balanced, healthy, nutrient-dense foods

  • Hydrate well

  • Rest and sleep appropriately

  • Take care of your physical and emotional needs

My second layer of recommendations include nutrition that focuses on healthy, balanced immunity:

  • A variety of plant foods – a variety of seasonal and local vegetables in many colors, textures and flavors; culinary herbs; spices. Bioflavonoid-rich foods appear significant:

  • Prebiotic and probiotic foods (learn more at

  • Homemade or high-quality store-bought broths and stocks as a base for soups and stews

  • Omega-3 fatty acids, and foods rich in zinc and vitamins A, C, and D – this would include a combination of oysters, cod livers, cod liver oil, high-quality fish oil, pasture-raised eggs, dairy, lard, and meat.

If you’re looking for tips on herbs and supplements that may be helpful for prevention and treatment of Covid-19, here are some places to start. Please remember that the items listed are starting points, and do not account for any health conditions, medications, or holistic treatments that may contraindicate some of the items recommended.

I personally think it’s a good idea to work on immunomodulation before doing any immunostimulation.

Links to learn more

Products to look for at Three Stone Hearth

You can find a number of adaptogenic mushroom formulas, golden milk blend, cod liver oil, and more at

Additional products you can find at TSH that are potentially supportive of your immune system include:

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