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Vital Choice Sardines in Water

4 3/8 oz. Tin


Vital Choice premium Portuguese sardines with skin and bones are a full-flavored source of omega-3s. They’re custom-packed at peak freshness by a family that has perfected their craft for over 150 years. Our premium sardines with skin and bones are packed in purified water. (no salt added)

Vital Choice Spicy (Chili) Sardines

4 3/8 oz. Tin


These succulent treats come from a Portuguese family that's been perfecting their craft for more than 100 years. Just for Vital Choice, they custom-pack Sardines harvested when levels of omega-3s and flavor reach their peak.

These premium Sardines are packed in certified-organic extra virgin olive oil, rich in antioxidants and flavor,

*low sodium

*easy to open top

*packed in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Ingredients: Sardines, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Chili.

Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

7.5 oz. can


The rich red color of the meat and brimming salmon oil reveal the rare quality of Vital Choice Wild Alaskan Sockeye. Vital Choice salmon is all sustainably-harvested, Alaskan salmon.

This is their Traditional Style Wild Red™, which includes skin and soft edible bones, to offer extra flavor, calcium (12% Daily Value per serving) and omega-3s (804 mg per serving).

It is also Certified Kosher (OU).

Vital Choice Wild Smoked Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

5 oz. can



  • Skinless & boneless
  • Smoked with Alderwood
  • Easy-open can
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Product of USA (Alaska)

Premium skinless, boneless Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon in a 5.5 oz easy-open can. A smoky, savory treat to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Signature Wild Canned Sockeye is the finest quality canned salmon available, because Vital Choice selects fish of superior culinary quality.

Wild Sockeye salmon is specially selected, fully cooked and ready to eat. It’s a delicious, healthy choice that’s packed with flavor and omega-3 nutrition.

Sockeye salmon nutrition

In addition to ample protein, Alaskan Sockeye salmon offers abundant omega-3s, as well as unrivaled levels of vitamin D and astaxanthin (as-tuh-zan-thin), a carotenoid-class red-orange pigment with rare antioxidant power.

On average, Sockeye salmon provides these amounts of nutrients per 3 oz serving (click the Nutrition tab on this page to see the omega-3 levels per official serving size for this product):

  • Omega-3s – About 997mg of omega-3 EPA+DHA, or 2 to 4 times more than the minimum daily EPA+DHA intake recommended by most world health authorities (250-500mg)).
  • Vitamin D3 – About 585 IU in the optimal D3 form, which is more than most other fish, and more than any fortified food, approaching the child-to-adult US RDA of 600 IU.
  • Astaxanthin – About 3.39 mg. This red-orange pigment is a carotenoid-class nutrient with unique health benefits.


Wild Alaskan smoked Sockeye salmon, natural sea salt, organic brown sugar, organic garlic.

Watermelon Basil Kombucha

750 ml bottle

$1.50 Glass Deposit

A combination of fresh watermelon juice and basil blended with mild white tea kombucha for a replenishing summertime drink.

Ingredients: filtered water, white tea, cane sugar*, watermelon*, Thai basil*  (* = organic)

Recipe is gluten-free and dairy-free.

White Spring Kimchi (nightshade-free)

1 pint jar

$1.50 Glass Deposit

Inspired by traditional recipes, this nightshade-free kimchi uses ample amounts of fresh horseradish as well as garlic, ginger, fish sauce and kale to create a beautiful and distinctive kimchi. It has a bit of gingery-horseradish bite, but not the kind of heat you get with hot chiles. Its warming umami goodness ripples across the peppery notes.

Ingredients: napa cabbage*, leeks*, daikon*, kale*, celtic sea salt, horseradish*, red boat fish sauce (anchovies, sea salt), brown rice flour*, garlic*, ginger*, scallions*, raw unfiltered honey

Recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, black pepper-free, nightshade-free, not vegetarian and not grain-free.




Yukari Shiso Condiment

1 oz


The red shiso leaves give the distinct red color and flavor to the Umeboshi Plums; they sit together for months in the pickling bucket. After the aging process is done, they take them out, sundry them, and make into a delightful condiment.

It has that bright tanginess from the plums and still assertive shiso flavor. Japanese people love to sprinkle Yukari onto their bowls of steamed rice. Our recent favorite is to sprinkle on melon or fig salads. The unique flavor and its natural color are unlike anything else!

Enjoy experimenting new matches of the flavors on your own! 

Size: 1 oz Compostable Bag

Yume Boshi Umeboshi Salty Plums 9oz.

9 oz. jar


Yume Boshi founder Ayako Iino grew up eating her mother's house made umeboshi pickles. She founded Yume Boshi in 2013 as the fruit on the ume plum trees became ripe in Northern California. Using traditional methods Ayako set to work transforming the tangy fruit she sources from small local orchards into pickles. Koume is a style of umeboshi pickle that is made with a different variety of ume plum. The fruit is smaller and more delicate. Soft, tangy, salty, bright red color --- that same taste but it can be used with less impact. Great for rice balls or for bento box. Umeboshi is a savory ume plum pickle eaten as a condiment for rice every day in Japan. She uses locally sourced plums and traditional methods of preparation. Ume plums are salted, flavored with red shiso leaves, and then dried under the California sun to make umeboshi. The ultimate companion for a bowl of plain steamed rice. (Mix in small amount as you wish.) Stronger taste than your usual pickle - a little goes a long way!?? Ingredients: ume plums, sea salt, red shiso leaves No need to refrigerate, but keep in cool place.