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Body Care

Summer Solace Rose Cacao Lip Balm

1/4 ounce in a glass jar

This artisanal blend of Rosehip seed oil, grass-fed beef tallow, local beeswax,  fair trade, organic Cacao Butter and the intriguing and elegant alchemy of Damascus rose and geranium, creates an elixir of floral sensuality for the senses.

Although called a lip balm, Cacao Rose is multi-purpose and can be used on the lips, under the eyes, eye brows, cuticles or any part where you would want to add radiance and youthful freshness to your skin.

1/4 ounce in a glass jar

Ingredients: CA Grassfed beef tallow, org. cacao butter, org. rosehip seed oil, local bee's wax, org. Damascus rose and geranium oil.

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