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L'Olivo Magico Hand Care Cake LARGE

1 large Hand Care Cake

$14.99 +tax

The combining of olive oil and beeswax to produce a medicinal skin-repair balm originiated among the beekeepers of Tuscany, Italy ages ago. The O'livo Magico Hand Care Cake is a practical and pleasant version of this traditional balm which soothes and protects. 

Extra virgin olive oil and pure, fresh, fragrant beeswax are combined into a solid cake which you simply rub between your hands to soften the cake and then smooth the balm onto your skin.

Allow the balm to be absorbed by your skin for a minute or two and notice eh silky-smoothness it imparts. The wax wil form an unnoticable barrier while the extra virgin olive oil penetrates to heal and soften.

The Hand Care Cake formula ws developed in Tuscany, Italy in 1990 by Christy Herman. She later brought the production to California. The cakes are produced by hand, molded one by one in very small batches which accounts for slight variations in color and shape. The hand care cakes are long-lasting and have a long shelf life. It is recommended that you use within two years of purchase. Store in a cool dry place. 

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, virgin bees wax, camphor 

Minimum weight 2 oz.


Endorfin PAMPLEMOUSSE Chocolate Bar -Special Edition

1.4 oz bar



To craft this bar Endorfin starts by pairing cold-pressed grapefruit essential oil with their signature formulation of dark chocolate with caramelized coconut mylk. The burst of juicy citrus flavor paired with their intoxicatingly smooth single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate makes this bar crisp and refreshing like no other.

Real Food Ingredients: Cacao†*, Coconut Sugar†*, Caramelized Coconut†*, Cacao Butter†*, Essential Oil of Grapefruit*

*Organic Ingredient • †Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA • 99% Fair Trade Certified Ingredients

All of the Endorfin dark chocolate bars are crafted with care using organic fair-trade cacao, coconut milk, and coconut sugar. They are committed to making pure, wholesome chocolate with real ingredients, which means every bar they produce is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, agave free, GMO free, and never contains refined sugar. Additionally, they strive to make the earth a better place one chocolate bar at a time, and are committed to utilizing plant-based biofilms, vegetable-based inks, and compostable materials for 100% of their packaging.

Five-Week Food-Based Cleanse (1/30/21-2/27/21, 10-11:30am)

5 weeks, 1 class per week (1.5 hours)


One thing 2020 taught us is that there has never been a more important time to take care of our body and immune system than now. The good news... When you do, it feels great.

Discover how good you can feel when you remove sugar and processed foods from your diet and the even keel you experience when you get off of the blood sugar roller coaster. Taking a “time out” from your regular eating routine, no matter what it is, to do a focused cleanse is a great way to get back to center while supporting your immune system. 


This virtual class meets weekly via Zoom. Login details sent upon registration. 

Week 1: How to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally to make successful changes to your diet.

Week 2: Digestion know how… it all starts in the gut.

Week 3: Balanced Blood Sugar… how sweet it is.

Week 4: Oil Change…diving deeper into fats.

Week 5: Celebrating our Success and Next Steps… how to reintroduce foods and detect food sensitivities.

The diet is anti-inflammatory and eliminates all refined sugar, processed foods, dairy and limits starchy carbohydrates. We focus on fresh vegetables and fruits, good quality animal protein, nuts, seeds and healthy fats timed at appropriate intervals for ultimate blood sugar stabilization.

You will be fully supported as you go through this gentle, yet powerful detox. Each week will combine a check in and support, a lesson and call to action. Come join us in this fun, empowering and inspiring group. You will be amazed at what happens when that will remove the negative effects of sugar from your body and your life.

Side effects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Weight loss

  • Better sleep

  • More energy

  • Boosted Immunity

  • Reduced cravings for sugar and starchy carbs

  • Mental clarity, calmness and even temperament

  • Reduced PMS and menopausal symptoms

Joey Anderson is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, GAPS Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner. She specializes in functional nutrition and in using food as medicine. She combines real food (delicious and tailored to you), functional lab tests and attention to lifestyle, to help families and individuals feel good and thrive. She loves her work!


Three Stone Hearth Education Cancellation Policy:

If you pre-register for this class and are unable to attend, please send an email to letting us know. You may cancel and request a full refund up until 24 hours before the class. We will issue a credit to your account for the full class price. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we will not issue a credit to your account, however you may apply the class fee towards a future class to be used within 6 months. After 6 months, that credit will be void. If you can not attend, you are also welcome to send someone else in your place. However, please let us know that you will be doing this. If you contact us after the class, no refunds or credits will be issued.


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