Students meeting with Jessica  Linda's dairy class  



Education Programs at Three Stone Hearth

Three Stone Hearth was the nation's first Community Supported Kitchen. We are informed by the values of Earth, Health and Heart, represented by the three stones of the ancient hearth form found around the world.


We seek to share knowledge and build community around our values of healing, traditional wisdom, cooperative, purposeful work and the integrity of a local food system. We offer classes and workshops, host speakers, and offer a variety of behind-the-scenes opportunities to get to know us, our foods and our business more deeply, from quick tours to week-long intensives.


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In this class, we will discuss the causes of issues that parents are increasingly seeing in their children. We’ll explore new alternative concepts for early and interceptive orthodontics for children's growth and development, along with practical methods for healthy oral development and family lifestyle.





ASK THE NUTRITIONIST -- FREE CALL (no registration needed)


Join us once a month for a free, online group call with Nutritional Therapist Sara Russell (via Zoom). Bring your questions related to nutrition and health, and let Sara’s knowledge, experience and passion guide to a better understanding of nutrient-dense and clean eating. She’ll also talk about products and classes offered by Three Stone Hearth that may be the right fit to meet your needs. Click here for details. 


THE NUTRITIONIST IS IN! -- FREE Q&A (no registration needed)

2nd SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH, 10-11AM. (Next date TBD)

Join us at our kitchen once a month for a free Q&A with holistic, functional Nutritional Therapist Joey Anderson. Bring your questions and concerns about nutrition, food, health and lifestyle choices.