Dairy-free water kefir. Water kefir grains, also called tibicos, are used to ferment a base of filtered water with unrefined cane sugar and just a touch of molasses. The sugars are metabolized by the kefir grains to produce a light but rich effervescent base. This old-timey brew is then flavored with sarsaparilla, sassafras leaf, ginger, turmeric and other herbs and spices to produce a bubbly probiotic “soda.” Dandy blend and vanilla bean lend this fizzy beverage a rich and complex flavor. If you are a root beer lover who is ready to graduate to a real roots beer, this is the drink for you!

Ingredients: filtered water, sarsaparilla, cane sugar,* dandy blend,* molasses,* turmeric root,* ginger root,* cinnamon,* vanilla bean, sassafras, black peppercorn,* cardamom pods,* allspice*  (* = organic)

Recipe is dairy-free and gluten-free*

Dandy Blend is made of the water-soluble extracts of five ingredients; three roots and two grains (barley and rye), not from the ingredients themselves. The ingredients are roasted, covered with hot water, and allowed to steep. The water, with the soluble portions of all the components, is separated from the grounds. The remaining fine brown powder left is what becomes Dandy Blend. All the gluten and other water-insoluble substances are left behind.

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