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Coracao You Are Loved Collection 5 Piece Truffle Box

5 truffle box

In Store Only at this time
This limited edition Valentine's collection has our most popular heart opening Truffles! Think chewy caramel & nougat with crunchy almonds. Dark chocolate fudge with raspberry and velvety rose ganache surrounded by 81% dark chocolate. Life is short, treat yourself and your loved ones to the best quality chocolates. You & they deserve it.
Collection Includes:
Almond Butter Cup, Raw Fudge Truffle, Rose Truffle, Mulberry Nib Heart and Raspberry Fudge Heart!
Ingredients: Organic Unroasted Cacao, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Almond Butter, Organic Coconut, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Dried Mulberries, Organic Rose Oil,  Organic Vanilla Bean & Himalayan Crystal Salt .  


3.5 oz

Dr. Cowan's Garden Turmeric Powder Miron Jar

4.2 oz Miron Jar (approx. 50 servings)

In Store Only at this time

Turmeric is probably the star of the plant world when it comes to disease prevention and treatment. Studies have shown positive effects from the regular consumption of turmeric in preventing everything from Alzheimer’s disease to cancer. Turmeric can also play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease, as it is a good source of Vitamin B6, which protects blood vessel walls from oxidative damage.

Turmeric absorption is enhanced by consumption with fat, such as its traditional complement, ghee (clarified butter), as well as a bit black pepper. Our turmeric powder is grown in the rich volcanic soils of Hawaii, which enhances its nutrient profile and flavor. 

Turmeric is aromatic and has notes of orange and ginger. Its pungent quality adds bold flavor to eggs, soups and stews, sauerkraut, a vegetable sauté over rice – really, almost anything you enjoy eating! Our favorite way to use Turmeric Powder is mixed into sautéed vegetables, along with several other powders, topped with cooked chestnuts or toasted walnuts.

Inside this jar are approximately 50 one-teaspoon-size servings!

Ingredients: Organic turmeric. Nothing else.


A Tour of the Three Stone Hearth Kitchen (1/18/18, 11am-12pm)

1 hour tour


How did Three Stone Hearth come into being as the nation’s first Community Supported Kitchen? Why were we making bone broth, kombucha and using mason jars years before they became trends? What goes into making our foods?

Join Co-Founder Jessica Prentice for an introduction to our business model, and a tour of our kitchen and fermentation “lab.”

Cost is $10 per person and includes a “shot” of kombucha or sauerkraut brine. The tour is open to groups and the public. If you want a tour only for your group, please send an email to

Jessica Prentice is a Co-Founder of Three Stone Hearth, a co-creator of the Local Foods Wheel, and the author of the book, Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection. She has been studying traditional diets for over a decade and is passionate about the transformation of our food system.


Three Stone Hearth Education Cancellation Policy:

If you pre-register for this class and are unable to attend, please send an email to letting us know. You may cancel and request a full refund up until 24 hours before the class. We will issue a credit to your account for the full class price. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we will not issue a credit to your account, however you may apply the class fee towards a future class to be used within 6 months. After 6 months, that credit will be void. If you can not attend, you are also welcome to send someone else in your place. However, please let us know that you will be doing this. If you contact us after the class, no refunds or credits will be issued. When Three Stone Hearth, must cancel a class, you will receive a full refund for any fees paid towards the class.

Five-Day Broth Detox (1/24/18-1/29/18)

Total package $249 ($50 initial registration fee)


Want to start the new year with a whole-system reboot? Looking for support around a commitment to nourishment and health? Join Three Stone Hearth and Nutritional Therapist Joey Anderson for a guided Five-Day Broth Detox, including a variety of our housemade broths and cultured beverages.

We will provide everything you need to rejuvenate your digestive system and deeply nourish your body. The Detox Broth & Beverage Package includes (complete ingredient lists below):

  • Five varieties of slow-cooked, housemade bone and vegetable broths:

4 jars Pastured Chicken Bone Broth

4 jars Mineral-Rich Vegetarian Broth with Root Vegetables

2 jars Grassfed Beef Bone Broth

2 jars Ginger-Turmeric Chicken Broth

4 jars Thai-Style Infused Chicken Broth (Tom Kha)

  • Two varieties of our lacto-fermented probiotic beverages:

1 bottle Beet Kvass

1 bottle Turmeric-Ginger Cabbage Tonic

Note that this is considered the minimum amount you should consume during the Detox

We will order these products for you as part of the Detox (details below), and you are welcome to order additional Broths and Beverages online starting Thursday evening, January 18th, or purchase them in our store starting Wednesday, January 24th, as available.

  • Detailed day-by-day instructions and guidance prepared by Joey Anderson, who has led our popular Five-Week Guided Group Cleanse workshops at Three Stone Hearth.

  • Optional: An introductory session and Q&A with Joey at our kitchen on the first day when you pick up your Broth and Beverage Package, Wednesday, January 24th, 5:30-6:30pm, and an online webinar call with Joey on Thursday, January 25th for those who can’t come in person. Daily online support with Joey and other participants during the Detox through email.

Click here for more information about Joey Anderson, the benefits of broth and an overview of the 5-Day Detox.

 If you don't already have a Three Stone Hearth account, click here to create one. It's free!


How it works

1. Sign up here to register and reserve your spot in the class. Registration cost is $50. You must have an online account with Three Stone Hearth to register. You will receive a confirmation email with details.

2. When you initially register, in the “NOTES” section of your order, write in your pickup or delivery choice for your Broth and Beverage Package. Not familiar with all our pickup and delivery options? Visit our Pickup & Delivery page for full details. Participants are welcome to pick up on Wednesday, January 24th and join Joey for an introductory conversation between 5:30-6:30pm. Can't make it that evening? The webinar call the next day will cover all the introductory information as well.

By registering, you are agreeing to be charged for the Broth and Beverage Package on January 19th, at an additional cost of $199 plus $27 in refundable glass deposits, for a total of $226. 

3. On January 19th we will place an order for your Broth and Beverage Package, and we will charge your Three Stone Hearth account $226. You will receive an order receipt, along with more detailed information and guidelines about the Detox, including how to join the webinar call.

4. Get your Broths and Beverages and begin detoxing!


The fine print:

A Nutritional Therapist is not a substitute for your family physician or other appropriate healthcare provider. A Nutritional Therapist is not trained nor licensed to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, illnesses, injuries, or disease. If you are under the care of a healthcare provider, it is important that you inform them of any dietary changes you make. Nutritional therapy may alter your need for medication.

It is not possible to determine in advance how your system will react to dietary changes. It is your responsibility to use the nutrition guidelines outlined in this gentle detox to take care of your own body's needs.


Cancellation Policy (please read carefully):

Since the Broths and Beverages for the Detox will be charged to your account on Friday, January 19th, our cancellation policy shifts before and after that date.

If you cancel before 10am on January 19th, you may choose to receive a credit card refund for the $50 registration fee, or a $50 a credit on your Three Stone Hearth account.

If you cancel after 10am on January 19th and before 10am on Wednesday January 24th, we will credit your Three Stone Hearth account for the $50 registration fee, plus $199 for the cost of the Broths and Beverages and $27 for the glass deposits, for a total account credit of $276. There is no time limit on this credit, and you may spend it on other classes and workshops, products or gift credits for someone else.

If you cancel after 10am on Wednesday, January 24th, we will credit your TSH account as described above, minus a $25 restocking fee, for a total credit of $251.

If you can’t make your chosen pickup time and need to arrange a different time, email us at If you don’t pick up your items by 3pm on Saturday, January 27th, and have not made other arrangements with us, we will credit your TSH account $251 as described above.


Broth & Beverage Package Product Ingredients:

Pastured Chicken Bone Broth: pastured chicken bones (roasted), reverse-osmosis filtered water, apple cider vinegar

Grassfed Beef Bone Broth: grassfed beef gelatinous bones and feet, reverse-osmosis filtered water, apple cider vinegar

Ginger-Turmeric Chicken Broth: pastured and organic chicken bones (roasted), reverse-osmosis filtered water, ginger, turmeric, Bernie's Best apple cider vinegar

Thai-Style Infused Broth (Tom Kha): pastured chicken bone broth, Native Forest coconut milk (guar gum-free), lemongrass, cilantro, galangal, shallots, lime juice and zest, makrut lime leaves, Red Boat Fish Sauce (anchovies, sea salt), honey, Celtic sea salt, Thai chiles

Mineral-Rich Vegetarian Broth with Root Vegetables: reverse-osmosis filtered water, sweet potatoes, carrots, golden beets, leeks, radishes, celery, parsley, cilantro, garlic, ginger, Celtic sea salt, kombu sea vegetable, oregano, black peppercorns, juniper berries

Beet Kvass: reverse-osmosis filtered water, beets, yogurt whey, Celtic sea salt

Turmeric-Ginger Cabbage Tonic: reverse-osmosis filtered water, green cabbage, fresh turmeric, fresh ginger (juiced extract), Celtic sea salt


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