Three Stone Hearth is pioneering a new business model: a community-supported, worker-owned cooperative, and a teaching kitchen all in one.

Our Mission: We heal our community, our planet, and ourselves by building a sustainable model for community scale food preparation and processing that honors culinary traditions and provides nutrient dense foods for local households and beyond.

Our work is grounded in shared values of sustainability, community, and health.
Inspired by diverse cuisines, our weekly menus are prepared using the nourishing traditions approach to ensure maximum digestibility and nutrient absorption. Ordering from us helps reduce your carbon footprint.  We pack our foods in re-usable glass containers, compost waste, and purchase from local farms.

Our ingredients include:

  • organically farmed produce, grains, and nuts
  • pasture-raised meats, eggs, and dairy products
  • unrefined sweeteners
  • traditional fats

Menu For The Week Of 7/01/15

Summer 4 Menu Highlights

  • Chicken and Rice Jambalaya
  • Vegetable-Mushroom Soup with Beef Polpettini*
  • Creamy Carrot-Ginger Soup*
  • Honey Pulled Pork*
    Barbecue Chicken
    Use our cultured barbecue sauce to grill chicken on the Fourth of July!
  • Fresh Corn Custard (Budín de Maíz)
  • Mushroom and Walnut Pâté*
  • Vegetarian Baked Beans
  • Paleo “Tabbouleh”*
  • Hamburgers*
  • Puttanesca Sauce*
  • Classic Kraut*
  • Onion Dip
  • Cultured Barbecue Sauce*
  • Cultured Ketchup*
  • TSH Mayonnaise
  • Herb Vinaigrette*
  • Green Olive Tapenade*
  • Three Stone Fruit Crumble
  • Red, White, and Blue Gelatina
*GAPS Diet-friendly Recipes

No Store or Pick-up on the 4th of July!

We will not be open on Saturday July 4th,
so there will be no store or late pick-up that day.
Please enjoy the holiday safely, and include
a few of our delicious items on your menu!

Bring Us Your Jars!

As part of our commitment to sustainability, and to community, we try and get the most use out of every mason jar we put in circulation. That depends on you, dear customers, returning your jars back.
We just found out from our manufacturer that the wide-mouth jars we use (quarts, pints, 24-ouncers, half-pints) may be unavailable for a month or more! So we need you to rally, search your car, cupboards and garage, and return any Three Stone Hearth jars you can. They will be treated well, filled with wonderful, nourishing food and returned to great flow. Don’t forget, you get your jar deposit back for each one.